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Personal loans and more

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Private Loans and finance from Credisa

Personal loans and more

  • Decision within 4 hours
  • Loans starting at 3000 CHF
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Easy loan in Switzerland – with simple and fast loan application

In 3 steps to your personal loan

Complete credit application online

Step 1: Fill in credit application online

Simply and conveniently fill in your credit application online. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Submit documents for credit decision

Step 2: Submit documents and receive credit decision

After you have sent us the required documents, you will receive an e-mail after a Comprehensive credit assessment of the credit decision and your credit contract.

Loan payment after legal waiting period

Step 3: Credit disbursement

As soon as you have returned the signed credit agreement to us and the legal waiting period of 14 days is over, you will receive the money to your desired account or you can collect it directly in cash.

Info: Your credit application will be decided within 4 hours
as soon as all necessary documents are available.

About Credisa

Credisa Ltd. has been a Swiss provider of personal loans, insurance and pension products for several years. With our experienced credit professionals and the customer-friendly website, you can process your credit enquiries online or at the branch, regardless of time and place: flexible, convenient, independent and secure. We attach great importance to a fast and uncomplicated business transaction. With a wide range of products, helpful services and useful tools, we are always at your side. We are very pleased that you have found us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or online inquiry.
Your Credisa Credit Team

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The most relevant information for your personal loan


You are at least 18 and at most 65 years old and have a permanent position. Borrowing is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness (Art. 3 UWG).

Credit period

The personal loan runs from 12 to 84 months.


Fixed interest rate. Interest costs are included in the monthly installments.


You pay back the loan in constant monthly installments. Early repayment and multiple deposits at once are possible at any time.

Requirements for credit

Your personal loan is secure, fast and easy

The security of your personal loan in Switzerland

Secure personal loan

Credisa attaches great importance to data protection. Your data will be treated with care and deleted after successful processing. If you wish, you can also insure your personal credit with installment insurance.

SSL protection for personal loan application

Secure connection

After you have sent us the required documents, you will receive the credit decision and your credit agreement after a comprehensive credit assessment.

Quick processing of your application for a personal loan

Fast personal loan

Your application for a personal loan will be processed immediately. As soon as all documents are available, the decision about your credit will be made within 4 hours.

Info: Your application for a personal loan will be decided within 4 hours,
as soon as all necessary documents are available.

The advantages of a Credisa personal loan

As an established broker of personal loans, we recommend that prospective customers apply for a loan online. The online application for personal loans is free of charge, non-binding and represents the fastest form of applying for personal loans. Online personal loan applications can be processed most quickly by our experts. You can easily calculate your personal loan via our credit calculator and submit the application. If you do not wish to apply for an online credit application or if you have any questions regarding a personal loan, we will gladly accept your application by telephone on 0800 681 555. Our experts will be happy to provide you with professional advice. This service is also free of charge. If you would like to apply for a personal loan in writing, you will find a form for printing on our website. Fill this out and send it to our branch in Basel. We will process your application as soon as possible. You are also welcome to drop by and ask for advice on all aspects of personal loans and apply in person. We are looking forward to your visit.

Installment insurance for your personal loan

Securing your personal loan for all eventualities

Sometimes unexpected things happen in life. Whether it's job losses through no fault of your own, accidents or illness. Monthly installments for personal loans quickly become a financial challenge. So that you do not stand helpless in the rain, we recommend our installment insurance for personal loans.

These four important aspects are included:

- Total package: installment coverage & credit rate as monthly installment.
- Secured in the event of unintentional unemployment
- Covered in case of incapacity for work (due to accident or illness)
- Coverage for all employed persons

Our staff will be happy to make you a suitable offer for your personal loan.

Ratenversicherung fuer Ihren Privatkredit

Credit Tips

Credit Tip 1:

If you apply for a loan, please do not submit any further applications to other credit institutions or banks. This can lead to a delay of your credit application or even have a negative impact on your creditworthiness.

Credit Tip 2:

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by a loan and claim it for tax purposes. In Switzerland, borrowing can be taken into account in tax returns. This means that the debt interest can be deducted from income tax.

Credit Tip 3:

Pay attention to a regular payment of the installments. Interruptions in payments or unpunctual payments can lead to a downgrading of your creditworthiness and thus to a more difficult borrowing in the future.

Credit Tip 4:

Take advantage of a new loan with favorable conditions for the rescheduling of old loans with higher interest rates. Save money by doing so.

Credit Tip 5:

Protect yourself from unforeseeable costs. Unemployment, illness and accidents are enormous risks. Secure your credit with installment insurance.

Credit Tip 6:

Whether foreigners with a B, C or L permit. Or also self-employed persons, cross-border commuters, civil servants or permanent employees, and many more, let us advise you. We will find the optimal loan for you.

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Credisa credit table

Overview of various loans and related maturities and monthly installments in CHF at 4.9%.

Total 12 months 30 months 36 months 48 months 60 months 72 months 84 months
5000 427,60 177,20 149,40 114,70 93,90 80,00 70,20
8000 684,10 283,50 239,00 183,50 150,20 128,10 112,30
10000 855,10 354,40 298,80 229,40 187,80 160,10 140,40
12000 1026,20 425,20 358,50 358,50 225,30 192,10 168,40
15000 1282,70 531,60 448,20 344,00 281,70 281,70 210,60
18000 1539,20 637,90 573,80 412,80 338,00 288,20 252,70
20000 1710,30 708,70 597,60 458,70 375,50 320,20 280,70
25000 2137,80 885,90 747,00 573,40 469,40 400,20 350,90
30000 2565,40 1063,10 896,30 688,10 563,30 480,30 480,30
35000 2992,90 1240,30 1045,70 802,80 657,20 560,30 491,30
40000 3420,50 1417,50 1195,10 917,40 751,10 640,40 561,50
45000 3848,10 1594,70 1344,50 1032,10 845,00 845,00 845,00
50000 4275,60 1771,80 1771,80 1146,80 938,80 800,50 701,80
60000 5130,80 2126,20 1792,70 1376,10 1126,60 960,00 960,00
70000 5985,90 2480,60 2091,50 1605,50 1314,40 1120,60 982,60
80000 6841,00 2834,90 2390,30 1834,90 1502,10 1280,70 1123,00
100000 8551,30 3543,70 2987,80 2293,60 1877,70 1600,90 1600,90
120000 10261,50 4252,40 4252,40 2752,30 2253,20 1921,10 1684,40
150000 12826,90 5315,50 4481,70 3440,40 2816,50 2401,40 2105,50
Individual values may differ slightly from the actual rate.

Private loan Downloads FAQ


Private loan Downloads

Repräsentatives Rechenbeispiel:
10‘000 CHF 12 Monate Laufzeit: Der Zins (Gesamtkosten) sind zwischen CHF 261. und CHF 521. Der Zinssatz
4,9 % – 9.9 %. Die Rate ist zwischen CHF 855.1- und CHF 877.- im Monat. Die Kreditvergabe ist verboten, falls diese zur Überschuldung führt. (Art. 3 UWG).
Representative calculation example:
10,000 CHF 12 months term: The interest (total costs) is between CHF 261. and CHF 521, the interest rate is 4.9 % - 9.9 %. The installment is between CHF 855.1 and CHF 877.00 per month.
The granting of credit is prohibited if this leads to over-indebtedness. (Art. 3 UWG).
Exemple de calcul représentatif :
Prêt de 10,000 CHF sur une durée de 12 mois : Le taux d'intérêt (coût total) se situe entre 261 CHF et 521 CHF Le taux d'intérêt est de 4,9 % à 9,9 %. Le versement est compris entre 855.1 CHF et 877.00 CHF par mois. L'octroi de crédit est interdit si cela entraîne un surendettement. (Art. 3 UWG).
Esempio di calcolo rappresentativo:
10.000 CHF durata 12 mesi: l'interesse (costi totali) è compreso tra CHF 261 e CHF 521, il tasso di interesse è del 4,9% - 9,9%. La rata è compresa tra CHF 855,1 e CHF 877,00 al mese. La
concessione di credito è vietata se ciò comporta un indebitamento eccessivo. (Art. 3 UWG).
Shëmbull I një përllogaritjeje:
10.000 CHF me kohëzgjatje 12 muaj: Interesi varion midis CHF 261 dhe CHF 521, pra 4,9 % - 9,9 %. Kësti mujor varion midis CHF 855 dhe CHF 877 në muaj.
Dhënia e kredisë është e ndaluar, nëse përfundon në pamundësi për të likuiduar kredinë. (Art. 3 UWG).
Exemplo de cálculo representativo:
10'000 CHF 12 meses Prazo: Os juros (custos totais) situam-se entre 261 e 521 francos suíços. A taxa de juro
4,9 % – 9.9 %. A taxa situa-se entre CHF 855,1 e CHF 877,- por mês. A concessão de crédito é proibida se isso levar ao sobreendividamento. (Art. 3 UWG).
Ejemplo de cálculo representativo:
10'000 CHF a un plazo de 12 meses: El interés (costes totales) está entre CHF 261. y CHF 521. El tipo de interés 4,9 % – 9.9 %. El interés está entre CHF 855.1 y CHF 877.- por mes.
Los préstamos están prohibidos si generan sobreendeudamiento. (Art. 3 de la UWG).


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