Retired people: It's difficult to get a loan

Unlike permanent employees have retired much harder favorable conditions for a cash advance from a bank to get. Because retirees often only have a small income, respectively, have lower incomes than they used to receive fixed monthly, many commercial banks are insecure and therefore want a higher security by then charge a higher interest rate on the loan.


With the expertise of our Credisa it is possible to evaluate the offers of different banks. We determine the best deals for you with the relevant conditions (interest rates, etc.). As part of a non-binding discussion, we present you an offer. So we put together for you a personalized and professional service, you can contact us using information below.

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Rate calculator

  • Monthly rate in CHF
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  • 4.9 % *  9.9 % *  
  • * effective interest rate

  • Loan life: 12-84 months; Max. annual percentage rate (including all costs): 4,9-9,9% Calculation example: When financing an amount of CHF 10,000 with an effective annual interest rate between 6,9% and 9,95% the total costs for 12 months represent between CHF 261.- and CHF 521.-. A loan may not be granted if it leads to over-indebtedness. (legal stipulation as required by Art. 3, Federal Unfair Competition Act)